Container Heroes are your cloud architects. We specialize in containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD and infrastructure as code.


Why Us

When the biggest customers call for cloud migration experts, we’re the ones who answer. We’ve built and run some of the biggest Kubernetes clusters in GCP, designed custom hybrid-cloud solutions, and reinvented CI/CD for companies making the cloud-native transition.



About Us

We’re engineers, architects, CTOs, VPEs, and more. We’ve built and scaled tech stacks, teams, and companies. Contact us to see how we can help.



About You

You’re planning your cloud migration and needing experts who have been there and bring a track record. Your team has already adopted Kubernetes but needs help scaling and adopting the right tools. You need hands-on expertise to modernize or optimize your existing cloud infrastructure.




We’ve executed CI/CD build-outs, stood up all flavors of cloud infrastructures, scaled operations, automated the repetitive, and trained green engineers into experts. Defined engagements work best, but we’ll do staff augmentation based on availability.

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